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better do it than wish it done

Chinese has a saying “求人不如求己” which means “better do the task ourselves than wishing someone else to get it done”

To avoid being let down too much, lets handle the important stuff yourself 🙂


Basic SEO Strat

Meta Description in Title, Heading, Body

  • The short description about the website will show up on the search results which increase the chance of users to click it
  • Title Tags can let the user know which page they are in and what is the page about

For Images , Alt Tag

  • Let the user know what is the image about if the image is not loaded
  • Google image will identify it via its tag and sort it accordingly

Sitemap of the website

  • Definitely a must for every website, great for bots and users to know all the links and pages of your whole website

Navigational Links inside the website

  • Important for users to know where they are
  • Easy for users to backtrack the web pages or jump forward in the page

Internal Links

  • Link users to stay longer in the web and browser more of the web contents
  • Effective way to attract user to something he is interested

Anchor Links

  • Attract user to interesting articles in the website
  • Bring user to website that provides valuable contents
  • Additional keywords can be inserted

Text Links is better than Button

  • Bots can read text while buttons are in image >.<


  • Best keyword to identify your website
  • Avoid keywords that are too general such as food, restaurant
  • Add in something like spicy food , thai restaurant to further improve the accuracy of the bots to check the keywords that best describe your website

URL Rewriting

  • Say no to url with lots of unique identifier
  • Descriptive URL will let the bot to identify your link and show a better ranking in search result

Javascript and Flash

  • Avoid using to o many of it as the bot cannot read any of them
  • Slow down the page loading which also pissed off impatience visitors

    Final Words

    Many more work to do to create a SEO friendly website 🙂

    sake of opposing

    Im not sure whether any of you have met with a client  who oppose everything you propose without thinking and digesting it.

    Here is a brief view of what is propose and the reason of reject..

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    • RM1200/Year (as low as RM3/day !!)

    Speed Limit Increase

    • +20km/hour


    Happiness of Driver

    • Min Saman
    • Happy overtaking
    • Time to show the horse power of car
    • Privilege road user

    Govern Coffers

    • 2.7 million people(10% of Population) x RM1200 = RM 3,203,045,000/Year


    • Building wider and smoother road
    • Less police force in targeting  speeding and more police force in fighting crime
    • More Pay to Police Force which reduce bribing
    • Generate more income for car and spare parts industry as speeding causes more wear and tear

    Possible Venture

    • Cooperating with Banks and provide 10% discounts to the speeding license
    • Cooperating with highway companies which provides privilege lane


    Accident Rate

    • Slight increase in rate of accidents but the crime rate will decrease because the police has full force fighting crime

    Final Words

    I hope this proposal will bring a better future to the country 🙂